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              Travel   Time 2.5 hrs each way and 2 hrs or more spent at City Baltimore
Located at the center of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, Harbor Place is an urban market packed with the most popular retail shops in the USA - a place where you can suit up for work or dress down for fun. It's also the perfect spot to sip a cool drink and savor delectable delicacies while you enjoy music, performers and beautiful harbor views.

Beneath the surface of the ground at Fort McHenry National Monument lay known and unknown archeological treasures of the past history of this unique site. Today over 600,000 visitors come to visit this national site, and many ask questions about how the Fort was constructed, why it was placed in this location, and how it was used by the military. The history of this fortification has a direct connection to the changes in military technology and the political climate of the times. The archeological resources at Fort McHenry reflect the complex interplay of factors. Technology, politics, economy, and geography are a few of the most important factors that impacted the evolution of the defense fortifications of Baltimore. This 43-acre parcel of land reveals a story in American history that spans from 1776 until the last military occupation as a U.S. Coast Guard Station during World War II.